10 Thai Superstitions

Since I arrived in Thailand a few ago, one of the things that stood out was how superstitious Thai’s were, wanting to know more from Thai’s I asked a great bunch of Thai’s I know who work for a company called Think of Living.

It was great to get their feedback and input to the why’s and why not’s of some of their superstitions and the reason’s behind them.

So here are the Think of Living team’s top 10 Thai superstitions –

  1. Don’t pour water on upturned hands – is meant to bring  you bad luck (the washing of upturned hands is part of the ceremony for washing a dead person’s body).
  2. Don’t play hide and seek at night– A belief that if children play hide and seek a ghost will come and spirit  them away into the night ( a story believed to prevent children from playing outside after dark and going to bed on time).
  3. Don’t knock on a plate when eating a meal – Thai’s believe you are asking a spirit to come and join your meal by knocking on a plate during meal times ( it’s simply deemed impolite ).
  4. After you have been to a cremation, you should wash your hands and feet with pomegranate – This will prevent a ghost entering your house after a funeral ( A way in times gone by to clean your hands and feet before entering your home ).
  5. A twin boy and girl have to marry – A belief that if they don’t marry one of them will face a terrible death, so if they are to marry quickly this will wash away sins from a previous life and keep them from harms way.
  6. A virgin will put lemon-grass into the ground – a belief that this will prevent rainfall
  7. It’s unlucky to work on Chines New Year – Most likely a way for people to take time off during Chinese new year celebrations.
  8. A pregnant woman can not attend a funeral – A spirit can disturb the unborn child and cause great harm ( It’s uncomfortable and possibly upsetting for a pregnant woman to attend a funeral ).
  9. If a photo falls from the frame holding it,bad things will happen – very similar to the western worlds belief if you break a mirror you will hindered by seven years of bad luck.
  10. Do not cut your hair on a Wednesday, it will bring you bad luck – various versions of this, one is it was a day when royalty would get their hair cut, so commoners were forbidden on this day to join them, another version is that a lot of hairdressers worked alone and the only day they could take off was a Wednesday.

So whatever your beliefs,and views on superstitions worldwide and in Thailand they all have a history that sometimes goes way back in time. I find a lot of Thai’s still hold to these whilst others tease friends and family.

A big thank you to the team at Think of Living for their input and making their top ten Thai superstitions.