71 Year Old Returns Tourist Bag – Get 1,000 Baht Reward

A 71-year-old returns a cheap Charlies bag and gets a huge 1,000 baht reward.

Now this story irked me a lot and made moaning mango into raging mango, it started out with an absent-minded Italian tourist who lost his bag when out with 3 friends with a wad of money and important documents such as passport, credit cards, you know the things that you need and can’t do without whilst on holiday.

And what’s with the stupid V sign?

So this generous Italian to show his gratitude take advantage that he’s in Thailand and offers 1,000 baht, yup not 10 thousand but a paltry 1,000 baht, so food shop owner Siriporn Mokpichai gets a reward and a few thank you’s and all is good in life.

And we wonder why we get a bad name and get labelled with the ” Cheap Charlie ” tag?

Image Courtesy of The Nation