A Week On Social Media – Bangkok’s Twitter Characters

The world of social media is a strange beast here in Thailand, it can be filled with mountain’s of information,some of which is useless some which can be very helpful.

The expat community lap it up, and give their own opinions at every opportunity.

So here is a tongue in cheek look at some of Thailand’s social media characters and their “Tweets of the week”.

Our good friend Phil from Birmingham keeps busy by looking for empty shopping malls or letting us know what is good on “Expat Tv “.

Stevie Gell is still ranting and deserves the title of Bangkok’s very own Mr Angry, we love you Steve

A fellow photographer who spends his nights looking for free pussy to shoot,(nope not that kind).
Still recognizable without the tache.

And now we have Stickboy,an entertaining characters who spends his life behind a desk posting pics of semi naked ladies and keeping us abreast of daily news from this wonderful country

Richard Barrow is up next, the man of the people who works long hours all for free to keep us updated,always seems to stay at the best places and boards first on to planes.But putting my love/hate relationship aside with Mr Barrow he posts some good stuff and keeps a lot of tourists up to date with relevant information.

Our very own Budget Bobby,the only man alive who could steal my “tightest man in the world” crown,yet do it with style, again a fellow photographer and a man who is full of wisecracks and well worth a follow on twitter

Good old Glenn,spends his time in 7/11 wishing he had made an album of things he’s seen in said 7/11

SomChaithedog, the only man I know who should be sponsored by Leo as he drinks that much and posts so many photos of it, some great tweets and a total wacky outlook of life over here.

My mate the Chowtraveller,spends his life eating and posting about all that grub he scoffs,he should be well over the 100kg mark by now but he’s not.Some great write ups and worth a follow.

Well that’s it for this week, any suggestions drop us an email at sweet3mango@gmail.com or follow us on social media and come say hello.