April Fools Day Cancelled

Thailand’s TCSD (Thai Crime Suppression Divison), has warned people against using April Fool’s Day to play Corvid 19 virus jokes on each other.

The Thai authorities have followed the likes of Google in cancelling this year’s shenanigans. The word “Farang” gets a special mention on the poster they knocked up, mentioning news and the public in “Farang Land” like to play practical jokes on each other. (Be Thai, not like Farang).

The TCSD sites section 14(2) of the Computer Crime Act, which provides that anyone entering into a computer system false computer data, that may potentially damage security and/or misleads public safety and causes instability in the national economic infrastructure that is of public interest to the country. Section 14(5) or causing panic to the public.

If found guilty, the penalties are five years in jail or a fine of 100,000 baht.