Bangkok Bombed by Political Enemies

The population of Bangkok can rest easy now that General Apirat Kongsompong, the Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army, has made a statement about the recent bombings. 

The Standard reports that General Apirat Kongsompong made a public appearance after Friday’s bombings to share information with the press. He spoke about the ongoing investigation and gave his perspective on the matter.

Apirat drew connections from the bombings on August 3rd to similar events back in December 2006. The 2006 New Year’s Eve bombings involved eight explosions in the metropolitan area of Bangkok. Police investigations determined that a militant group of southern separatists was behind the attacks. Despite certain pieces of evidence that linked the attacks to Islamic insurgents, government officials placed the blame on “political enemies”.

General Apirat expressed his concerns about people who “do not hope for good in the country”. The General, who is well known for his controversial comments regarding last year’s election, is convinced that the group behind this year’s attack is the same group from 2006.

General Apirat confirmed his belief that the bombings were a political statement, but that the people of Thailand can rest assured that the Security Department, along with General Prayut, can handle the situation. He says that two arrests have been made, but if anyone has more information they are encouraged to contact local law enforcement.