“How embarrassing is this? We have to be lectured by a foreigner.”

MotoGP rider Scott Redding has caused a bit of a stir on his Instagram feed, Redding who hails from Gloucester was riding in the inaugural Thai GP at Buriram last Sunday.

Redding who finished 16th in the race flew back to Bangkok and decided to go exploring in Bangkok where he made his “No f**ks given here,” comment whilst making an Instagram story.


His post which has since gone viral attracted some great comments from Thai’s whom were embarrassed they had been lectured by a foreigner.

Have a read of some of the Facebook comments below


“Holy sh*t.”

“I’m f**king ashamed.”

“The law in this place isn’t taken seriously, so who’s scared?”

“How embarrassing is this? We have to be lectured by a foreigner.”

“This is Thailand. Free land.”

“We need to change.”

“It’s such a shame the whole world sees this.”

“This is really the habit of people around here.”

“Sigh. I’ve had it with Thai people. I’m tired.”

On a final note, the Aprilia rider does have a point, a No 1 for death’s on the road isn’t something to be proud of. Lat year , Thailand’s death rate was 36.2 for every 100,000 ( 66 per day ).

Of those deaths 73% are among motorcyclists,that’s 48 per day which is way above the global average according to the World Health Organization.

It’s sad that innocent lives are wasted every day and that “No f**ks given here,”