New Years Resolutions – Thai Style

As the start of 2019 starts to kick in I got thinking to what my New Year’s resolutions would be, would they be any different from back home are stay the same ( broken promises). So here is Mangos top 5 New Years Resolutions.

Lose Weight

When I arrived in Thailand many moons ago, I was touching 80 Kg and had never been over that weight and thought about moving to Thailand would see me eating healthier food…….lol. A culture where everything seems to be deep-fried, a tonne of rice and sugar in everything you eat or drink has seen my weight not far from 90 kg ( fat mango), so check back in a month to see what direction that is going.

Chances of mango losing weight – 50/50

Stop Drinking

I have never been a big drinker and don’t have hollow legs like some of my friends, so crazy nights out are few and far between yet I still like a beer or three, I could use the excuse of popping ice in my Leo helps me put liquid into my body but I am sure someone out there will disagree with me.

Chances of Mango stopping drinking 0%

Learn Thai

Whilst some people are jealous when they here westerners speak Thai It’s never bothered me about how good their language ability is, I can get by to a point and order food and ask for directions, ask how much something is but that’s about it, I can see the advantage of speaking the language and there is no real disadantahe so what’s the reason I have not taken it seriously? I am lazy yet I need to stop been lazy and learn.

Chances of Mango learning Thai 60%

Start To Exercise

Well as a youngster I used to play football to a decent level, now my main exercise is to walk around snapping photos for you ugly lot and that’s about my lot, so going to my gym in my condo or taken up Mauy Thai is something that seems like a distant dream.

Chances of Mango exercising more 10%

Stop Getting Wound Up By Bangkok Traffic

I hate Bangkok traffic, if I am to lose the plot and appear on Stickboy Bangkok’s site as a ‘ Dead Farang ‘ then it’s likely someone will shoot me or shoot myself as watching Thai people drive is not good for the stress levels, so I need to take a deep breath and not let it bother me….but it does.

Chances of Mango becoming more chilled in Traffic 0%

So that’s your lot, I am sure there are loads more but as I said above I’m lazy so that’s all your getting. Happy 2019 and keep smiling.