Refugee Footballer, Feet Shackled – The World Asks Why Thailand

First off I am not into politics, it’ all overhyped crap full of people who rarely if ever fulfil promises but this story and the similar fate of Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun have similarities in trying to leave a country that would possibly endanger their lives.

Yet the world of social media has seemed to take two different directions in that the public outcry for a young lady who was not yet granted refugee status seemed to have gained so much sympathy Thailand let her go on her way to start a new life, yet in the case of Hakeem Al Araibi who was on honeymoon in Thailand with his wife has made the news all over the world, Thai netizens getting behind a #freeHakeem campaign.

FIFA and the Olympic committee have appealed to the Thai government to let Hakeem go about his life, Interpol withdrew their red notice and yet the Thai government still decided yesterday to start the ball rolling in a ludicrous extradition case from the Bahrain authorities, a day when former Australian captain Craig Foster came to support Hakeem in his bid for freedom, yet ended with the ex-footballer remanded for a further 60 days to give the Bahrain authorities time to prepare paperwork for extradition with the eyes of the world all watching what next from Thailand.

I am just left wondering why Thailand?