Smoggy In Bangkok – Let’s Deal With It & Move On

So the back end of last week and social media and the news brought to us the obvious news that Bangkok’s air is hazardous and we should all be careful when doing anything strenuous (like working or walking).

So what’s the solution? Well I’m no scientist but judging by the massive amounts of traffic, that could be a clue. Yet the thing that gets me is people moaning (yes I know, slick coming from “moaning mango”). Instead of whining, let’s get on with our lives and stop the boring photos of smog-infested landscapes and complaints of “I can’t breath when I am on the way to work.” If you don’t want to breathe the crap in every day then buy a decent mask for your face and smile underneath and get on with it. Yes it’s a shame what we are doing to our amazing planet but we have done nothing about it for years and likely never will.

So when I read statements like “Without wind, fine particulate matter with a diameter of fewer than 2.5 micrometres (PM2.5) exceeded the safe level of 50 microgrammes per cubic metre of air in many areas of greater Bangkok on Monday morning” I just think, I can see how crappy the air is. When I can’t see Nana BTS from Asok BTS I know there is a problem, so let’s all cheer the f##K up eh and get on with it. Stop posting those horrible photos and cheer up, eh?