Songkran 2019: Thai Police Shut Down Kao San Road

Songkran 2019: Thai Police Shut Down Kao San Road

For the second night in a row, Thai police arrived at Kao San road to shut down all Songkran related activities. Local authorities have already warned that the usual Songkran events at Kao San Road would be limited. Additionally, all water gun and clay action must end at 8pm.

Uniformed officers have been seen sitting in air-conditioned hotel lobbies during the day. At night, the army of cops patrols the main streets around Kao San, announcing the end of the day’s fun around 8pm. One charismatic officer uses a loudspeaker to communicate with both pedestrians and taxi drivers.

Announcements are in Thai and include pleas for understanding, as well as occasional warnings to drivers of pickup trucks that are filled with soaking wet party goers. The officer on the loudspeaker encourages taxis to give metered taxi service to everyone, and also reminds them of the 2000 baht fine they face if they’re caught scamming.

As the police make their way through the area, a large truck sprays the muddy streets clean. Party areas are left deserted, except for the few straggling foreigners who are staying in the area.

You can expect Songkran to wrap up before 10pm every night at Kao San road. Honestly, what’s the point of playing at night anyways? Do it in the day when you actually want cold water poured on you.