Songkran Canceled at Kao San Road

Songkran Canceled at Kao San Road

Kaosan road is usually one of the few areas of Bangkok that gets crowded with party goers during Songkran. The Thai New Years celebration at this famous area typically includes loud music, smiling foreigners, and of course, lots of water. Unfortunately, this year local party animals are going to have to look elsewhere for a Songkran celebration.

The Kaosan Road Business Association, an organization of business owners who run and maintain bars, restaurants, and hotels around Kao San, has announced that there will be no Songkran festivities this year in the Kao San Road area.

The leader of the organization, Mr. Piyabutr Jiwaramonaikul, based the decision to cancel Songkran on Thailand’s scheduled coronation of its new king in May. The Thai government will be planning out possible routes for the parade ceremony during the month of April.

Kao San Road is located in an area known as Rattanakosin Island, which is also home to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The area has tons of historical significance. It was the capital of Thailand in 1782 under King Rama I.

This is not the first time that the famous water festival was cancelled at Kao San. Songkran events were cancelled back in 2017 in response to the late King Bhumibol’s death.

As Thailand prepares for the new king’s coronation, we can expect to see strict regulatory measures carried out in areas that have important historical, political, and religious significance.