Sorry Guys – Bars Will Be last to Reopen

A proposal put forward by the pandemic task force has suggested the reopening of businesses will be dependent on a perceived risk factor. 

The proposal will be set up and categorized into white, green, yellow and red categories. White for no danger, and red at the other end of the scale for those venues that carry the most risk.

The red-code businesses will include pubs, internet cafes, karaoke bars, theatres, movie houses, and trade exhibitions. Parties with gatherings of large numbers of people, tutorial schools, sports stadiums, and air-conditioned sports venues are also included.

The Center for the COVID-19 Situation Administration has said that people who frequent the red code businesses tend to attract people from different areas and therefore pose more of a risk.

The lowest risk factor category white includes vendors and open-aired stalls. Operators need not register to reopen their businesses as they are exempt due to low risks involved. Open-air stalls would not need to register as they are deemed low risk. 

Code green is perceived as a low-risk business and would have to register online before they can reopen. This category includes malls, air-conditioned shops, bookshops, clothing stores, general goods stores, and construction material shops. If you need to exercise and get some (possibly not so fresh,) air then public parks and open-aired sports fields are included.

Businesses that include flea markets, fresh markets, shopping malls, food courts, beauty salons (maybe massage shops), hair salons, dental clinics, swimming pools and badminton courts are listed as yellow code, which operators must apply online before reopening their businesses but require approval by the government first.