Stickman Quits,StickBoy Takes A Break and Yingluck Does A Runner – The Week That was

Man what a week,I was thinking okay Stickman has decided to call it a day for various reasons which seemed to be coming for a long time, I have good Old Stickboy to count on,Then I wake up to “Be Back Soon ” and the news that  he’s took some time off as he works too much?And then Friday Yingluck decides she has a bout of vertigo and flees the country(no comment on this one).

So Stickman quits after his last ever weekly update Sickman has left the building and people are saying Stickboy can pick up the red-light baton for sexpats around the world wishing to come to Thailand (or those old pervs that are here already), but for me apart from the (slightly Similar name) these two sites could not be more different,Stickman was a great personal guide to the nightlife and in’s and out’s of living here. Stickboy is a lighter,brighter outlook on life here with daily snippets and more so social media updates(love the Twitter and Facebook accounts).Both sites I am sure have their own loyal followers and the more info and websites out there is all the better for us who crave any information with regards to Thailand, I am still waiting to see if Stickman comes back to the fold so will keep my eyes open on his website.

Coconuts reported the news with a great tongue in cheek article Titled Kindling;Seminal Sexpat Blogger Stickman Packs It In After Two Decades .

So to Yingluck,she created a s##t storm of biblical proportions on my Twitter timeline on Friday by failing to turn up for her sentencing with the claims of she was  “unfit to attend “,the rumours are she is in Dubai,with a possible final destination to be in the UK,I am sure time will tell, yet the conspiracy theorists  have all got their silver foil hats on,with claims she has been abducted by aliens in a  UFO with Steve Jobs and the abbot of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple.

So what will this week bring us?Yingluck found on the moon?Stickboy Found on the UFO with Steve Jobs and Yingluck supping English Tea? Notorious Macgregor beating Money Mayweather?(spoiler alert he didn’t).No drone photos or Temple photo’s from a certain resident blogger (just kidding I enjoy them), but whatever happens living here in Thailand it’s always entertaining and fun and you can guarantee loving life here.

Enjoy the upcoming week where you are 🙂