Storm in a Tea Cup

Storm is the right topic at the moment, and its push over the North and East of Thailand has certainly caught the news headlines, we are used to getting rain at this time of year, however in the tropics it can be a very serious issue, you have to say water management could be a lot better, for a country which has hundreds of years of practice trying to get it right and rather than go down the line of wagging fingers and pointing the blame, its easy to close the gate after the horse has bolted, these seriously affected areas need our help. Neither am I a fan of all the media gloss showing line of people being given essential basics by well dressed officials in front of cameras, when the poor sods have lost their whole lively hood and belongings… a little bit humility would not be a bad thing, nobody wants a camera shoved in their face, when everything they own has been washed away.
The other aspect about flooding is its a no brainer that the water has to go somewhere. Its not called ” Green Season” for nothing, you can almost see the grass grow in front of your own eyes, its not just rubbish that clogs up the waterways, we see some genuine efforts, but its often a local thing… keeping those rivers and canals free flowing is essential.
I have great admiration and respect for Thai people who face this annual lottery, given the resources available and the pitiful amount that actually finds its way to the areas of need, they note only cope well with the daily pressures of life, but recover all they can time and time again, plus still hold on to that legendary smile, wit and warmth in such adversity.
We are continually bombarded with bad news of one sort or another, however I’d like for once to side step that and try and look at why Thailand can be such a warming place to live. Everywhere has problems, Thailand no different, it has its own set of issues and we hope and pray its on the right path for a better life for all Thai’s, they have had some raw deals over the years and been spun many a story from those who should know and do better.
One thing that has been brought to my attention time and time again from people back home, is that there is lots to do here, well yes I would agree, it is a country which is culturally rich, it has a few misnomers, however people do like to get out and about, weekends are a chance to taken in something new or different, get away from work and just explore many hidden gems, even in Bangkok its 50 districts all have something to offer. Again its not just like jaunting off to the idyllic islands, there are some wonderful beaches and coastlines which appear to be almost deserted most of the year. We have 147 national parks. 58 wildlife sanctuaries, 67 no hunting areas, and 120 forest parks, which covers almost 20% of the country….. now that is impressive!
None of us that live in the Big Mango can miss the massive development of infrastructure improvements going on, the BTS is expanding in a gigantic way, sure its going to take a few years yet to complete, and I doubt it will ever make much difference to the traffic problem, but getting about city will certainly be easier and faster.
I guess you would call me a mid term sort of expat, I’ve been here a few years double digets, but not a career 20+ person, and neither am I new at it under 5, I’ve seen changes and lets be fair change comes to us all, sure something may appear to be less than before, however there are improvements, its our nature to look back at life and say  ” Oh it was better years ago”… like many I find its the little things in life that make it worth the extra effort, the ability to get what you want (within reason) 24 hours a day, the weather ( given its hot) can be a challenge, but we do adapt… I like to see the sun in the morning 300+ days a year ( not 60 if lucky from my place of birth) I don’t miss the damp cold days, or winter or the continuous one colour grey skies that can wipe out weekends, the pace of life is slower, the option on eating not just local food but global as well, we have an active outdoor café society, you can eat out all year round.
I like the fact that I’m not involved in what go’s on, been there seen that back home, its nice to be on the sidelines, watching what’s happening, sure we can be ultra critical, but I like the fact its not my responsibility to sort out problems. In this modern world technology allows me to keep in touch with those that are important in my life, I have really the best of both worlds, my old home and adopted one… I have a very varied and full week, a complete mix of things to do as well as have a quality home life, its great to be able to have a BBQ at home almost all year round, daily markets with fresh produce and a choice of venues if I get bored. Life is not about going to work at 6am stuck in traffic on the M4 or M1 for 4 hours a day, getting home at 7pm or later, with a commuting cost of a small African nation and being sardined in a  train carriage, just to get home exhausted to fall asleep in front of the TV to do all again tomorrow…… life is just not like that here in Thailand, it can be as quiet / peaceful or as wild as you want to make it.
My only wish is those that run the show, is for them to understand we are not the enemy, we are not the cause of your problems, we don’t want to be involved, its your show, let us get on with our lives, we for most follow the rules, play a very active and positive part in our local communities, we want Thailand to do well, we can also offer so much to help with making it better, but you just have to listen to us, we’ve been through all of this before in our own countries years and years ago… we do know something about life and that we need each other, its a global world now, nobody can turn their backs on the International community, we can really help if you just let us.
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