Tenant Moves Out After 9 Years, Bathroom Never Cleaned

Tenant Moves Out After 9 Years, Bathroom Never Cleaned

There’s no doubt that landlords in Thailand have it much worse than tenants. Landlords face fines for not reporting foreign tenants in a timely manner. Landlords also have to deal with unreliable, irresponsible tenants who are subject to disappear at a moment’s notice. Even when rent is paid on time and tenants maintain good relationships, landlords might not have any clue about the state of their property until it’s too late.

A landlord recently shared her story through a Facebook post. The post explains that a tenant had been renting a small 33 square meter room for 9 years. Several days ago, the tenant contacted the landlord to notify that they were planning to move. The tenant insisted that the landlord keep the deposit. The tenant turned over their keys to a security guard and left the property as promised.

The landlord went to check the property over a recent holiday. During the inspection, she noted a broken bed frame and a grimy floor. The room didn’t seem too bad until she inspected the bathroom.

The toilet, sink, and floor of the bathroom were covered in a thick layer of grime. Mold, dirt, and general filth coated the tile bathroom walls. It was evident that the bathroom had not been cleaned since the tenant moved in.

The outside balcony was also in poor condition. The tile floor was covered in a thick layer of grime, save for a small area in front of the outdoor faucet where the tenant might have walked.

The landlord went on to explain that she wasn’t angry at the tenant, but more so confused. The landlord and tenant would exchange phone calls, and from the landlord’s perspective the tenant was a decent person.

It’s unclear whether or not the two months of deposit would be able to cover the deep cleaning that the bathroom needed. However, it’s nice to see a tenant owning up to their mistakes.