The popular American fast-casual chain TGI Friday’s is looking to open up its doors in Thailand. Started over 50 years ago in New York City, the restaurant is known internationally for its ostentatious décor, enthusiastic service, and creative dishes.

Fans of the franchise should already be familiar with the hearty menu options that Friday’s provides. A significant portion of the menu is steak, which is good news to those craving a Jack Daniel’s glazed t bone. However, Taco Bell’s recent controversy with their “beef-less” menu should raise concerns about what to expect of the franchise is unable to source some of its essential menu items.

Here is a list of a few Thai inspired dishes that TGI Friday’s should consider testing in the Thai market.


Classic American appetizers like mozzarella sticks and potato skins might not be so popular amongst Thai foodies. Friday’s should cater to those who crave a bit more spice in their starters.


Hong Tong Glazed Chicken Strips would be a great entry point for local Thais who are interested in experiencing American cuisine. Liquor based glazes are an American tradition, and brand awareness alone should attract Thais to this dish. Toss these strips with a few chopped chilis and your mia farang won’t be complaining.

Southwest Sausage Shish-kebabs could be a familiar treat for anyone who frequents a fried hotdog cart in Thailand. Hotdogs are the perfect vehicle for foreign flavors, so soak some dogs in a chipotle and cumin based marinade and you’ll have bar girls yelling “Yeehaw” before their tequila shots.


The typical American diet is very meat and potatoes, in that it’s mostly meat and potatoes. In Thailand, a meal is not a meal unless it’s served with rice.

T Bone Steak Som Tum with Sticky Rice is the perfect marriage of Eastern and Western flavor profiles. Just imagine a tender, bloody steak beaten to a pulp in a pestle and mortar. A proper pulverizing with a salty fish sauce will tenderize any meat, so no more disappointments when ordering a 300฿ steak.

Honey Glazed Crispy Pork should satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Slather a few chunks of crunchy fried pork fat in a syrupy glaze and even spoiled little white kids will clean their plates. Maybe this could be Thailand’s answer to General Tso’s fried chicken?


Perhaps Friday’s most famous menu items are their cocktails. Their signature cocktails are topped with tropical fruits, baked goods, and tiny toothpick umbrellas. Friday’s has a chance to create some fun new drinks for the Asian market.  

Ting Tong Island will not be for lightweights. Cheap Charlies will rejoice at the opportunity to get plenty of cheap vodka, rum, and triple sec in one cup. Not to mention it’s so fun to say.

Blue Have-My-Hee is a cheeky, sweet girly drink that your girlfriend will love. A neon blue, blended adult beverage with chewy gummy candies is the perfect Instagram moment.

How ever they choose to fix their menu up for their new customers, you’d be a fool not to try is classic American institution.