Thai Millionaire Serial Killer’s Deadly Inheritance

Thai Millionaire Serial Killer’s Deadly Inheritance

Chalermchon and Mr. Ice

On January 8, 2020, a man referred to as M. Chalermchon, 51 years old, was arrested and charged for possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. 

Mr. Chalermchon confessed that he got the meth from a “Mr. Ice”. He negotiated with the police and said that, if he could be released, he would give information regarding a murdered woman.

Chalermchon explained that he had been in prison before. While serving his sentence, he met a prisoner named Apichai Ongvicit. Apichai, or “Ice”, is part of a rich family.

After serving his sentence, Chalermchon became friends with Ice. He worked for Ice, doing miscellaneous work around his property. The two men were also regular drug users.

In July 2019, Ice brought Kuk Kik, a 22 year old freelance Thai model to the house. Ice was abusive towards Kuk Kik, regularly beating her if she did anything he deemed wrong. 

One evening, Kuk Kik didn’t finish her dinner and Ice beat her with a metal bar. He handcuffed her and forced her to crawl into a metal tank with no ventilation holes. He locked the tank, and when Kuk Kik cried for help he turned up music to ignore her cries. 

The following morning, Kuk Kik was dead. Ice called Chalermchon to help him dispose of the body. Ice was very sad, crying nonstop throughout the day. He asked for a final hug with the corpse to apologize. 

Ice confessed to Chalermchon that he had killed two other women before. He told him that the bodies were left in a large pond beside the house. Ice hired Chalermchon to move the bodies for 5,000 baht. 

Iron grate found on top of corpses. (Thairath)

Chalermchon went in to the pond and found a skull under an iron grate. He brought the skull back up to Ice and requested payment. Ice refused to pay and shot at Chalermchon, barely missing him.

Mr. Ice is arrested

On January 9th, 2020, police conduct a coordinated special operations raid on Ice’s house in the Bang Khae area. The police were warned that Mr. Ice was armed and dangerous. 

Mr. Ice was found in a single story house on a 20 rai, gated piece of land. Inside the house authorities found 2,000 methamphetamine pills, a CCTV system that monitored movement in and out of the house, and two locked iron chests. 

Ice’s single story house. (Thairath)

Authorities dug around the house and found a buried black bag. The bag contained rotting human organs and a yellow t-shirt which could belong to Kuk Kik.

Ice admitted to murdering Kuk Kik. He notes that they met back in May 2019 through a modeling agency. Ice claims that he fell in love with Kuk Kik. She would visit his house frequently to take drugs and sleep with him. 

One of Ice’s locked metal trunks. (Thairath)

Ice claims that he locked Kuk Kik in a trunk because he was so possessive and jealous. He admitted to finding her dead in the morning and calling Chalermchon to help dispose of the body.

Human remains found on Ice’s property. (Thairath)

On January 16th, a SCUBA diving team searched a pond near Ice’s house. They found 28 clumps of hair, jaw bones, and human skeletons under a wrought iron gate. 

SCUBA divers searching the lake. (Thairath)

On January 17th, the diver team searched the pond again. They found another 192 human bones and female clothes. Investigators suspect that this may be evidence of another 2 or 3 people. Their bodies appear to be from at least a year ago.

Rumors have spread that the pond was full of carnivorous fish. (Thairath)

Mr. Ice’s history

Mr. Ice was born into a rich family. His family owns what was a famous shopping center in the Bang Khae area called “Ongvisit Shopping Center”. The shopping center closed because of the owner’s involvement in the murder of a 15 year old girl.

The owner, Ice’s father, was acquitted of the case. He was later shot to death, allegedly by his wife. She was accused of hiring someone to kill her husband.

Ice’s mother moved abroad and left Ice to stay with his aunt. He was left with several assets like houses, land, condominiums, apartments, and rental businesses. 

Ice’s neighbors claim they were very afraid of him. They say that he was known to threaten to shoot tenants and employees. 

Ice is arrested. (Thairath)

Ice has an extensive criminal record:

  • In 2008, he was arrested for using amphetamines, kidnapping two friends, and assaulting a woman which left her with a fractured skull and 4 broken ribs.
  • In 2010, he was arrested for kidnapping.
  • In 2012, he was arrested for seducing a 15 year old girl and kidnapping her in a condo. Police searched the room to find amphetamines, meth, 6 guns, 332 rounds of ammunition, 20 knives, bulletproof vests, a tazer, and handcuffs.
  • Ice was imprisoned and released from jail in 2017.

Ice’s father’s connections to murder

In 1983, a human torso was found in a Singer TV box near Phraya Krai temple. The organs were missing. Police found the head, arms, and legs in Nakhon Chai Si district.

Police used numbers on the TV box to find where the TV was sold from. The TV was traced to a shop in Phra Pradaeng. The shopkeeper claimed a “Mr. Don” was the buyer.

Police spoke to Don and learned that he purchased the TV, he had stolen a VCR and put it in the TV box. He sold the VCR to a “Mr. Phayong”, an employee at the Wisit Aquariam in the Ongvisit Shopping Center. 

Police searched the Wisit Aquarium and found that one of the bathrooms was unusually clean. After dismantling the toilet, they found traces of blood and human flesh. They connected the DNA evidence to the body in the Singer TV box. 

Mr. Phayong confessed that the body was Miss Nuan Prang, a 15 year old girl. It is unclear if she was a street girl or an employee at the aquarium.

Nuan liked to tap on the aquarium glass when looking at the expensive fish. This made “Chalermchai” (Ice’s father), owner of the shopping center and brother-in-law of Mr. Phayong very angry. He slapped Nuan, and she cursed at him. Chalermchai became so angry that he ordered Mr. Phayong to kill the child. 

Mr. Phayong led Nuan to a bathroom and beat her to death. He then dismembered her body and put the torso in the TV box. 

Chalermchai was charged in connection with the murder, but he was eventually acquitted. Chalermchai was later shot to death. His wife is suspected of employing someone to kill him.