Thai model found dead, disturbing Line messages reveal more information

Thai “pretty” model Belle passed away recently under mysterious circumstances. Details of the ongoing police investigation have not been released, but the internet has gathered incriminating evidence connecting another male model, Nam-Oun, to her death.

Belle is a well-known “pretty”, an attractive female model who is usually hired for mainstream public events. The day that she passed away, she was hired to attend a party after she finished another job. The host of the party paid her 3,000 baht to be an “ent” (เอน), an entertainer who is only expected to socialize at parties. 

Nam-Oun and Belle were attending the party together. Around 7pm, Belle left with Nam-Oun to his condo, and at some point was found dead in the lobby of the condo. A Line group chat captured some events that took place between the party and Belle’s death.

Some of the party attendees mentioned that Nam-Oun showed up to the party to eat and get drunk for free. They claim he often took drunk girls from the parties back to his condo.

One screen shot from the line group shows Nam-Oun joking about the one night stand he expects to have with Belle. He mentions that she is very intoxicated.

Later in the chat, Nam-Oun shares a picture of Belle’s discolored lips and jokes that they used to be red. It’s possible that she’s already dead.

Nam-Oun sends another photo of Belle passed out in front of his condo’s elevator. He tells his friends that she is completely unconscious and foaming at the mouth. He plans to let her “sleep it off” and he will call her friends in the morning.

Nam-Oun still seems focused on sex as he tells the group chat to “text 1 if I should still have sex with her”. He laughs and jokes that he doesn’t enjoy sex with corpses.

Things get urgent as members of the group chat start encouraging Nam-Oun to try and wake Belle up. He claims she’s cold, possibly from the air conditioner. Some people suggest logging in to Belle’s phone to text her friends or family.

Nam-Oun takes Belle down to the lobby and leaves her to be found by security.

Leaked CCTV footage shows Nam-Oun carrying Belle’s stiff body down to the lobby of his condo.

Belle told her friends she would be finished with work by around 5PM. After work she attended the party as an entertainer, and she left with Nam-Oun around 7pm. It seems unlikely that she could have gotten so dangerously drunk within 2 hours.

Belle’s friends and family found her at 1AM after finally getting in touch with Nam-Oun. Early medical reports state that she had been dead for over 7 hours.

Some people online speculate that the leaked group chat was a trick to pretend Belle had a different cause of death. According to the group chat, she could have died accidentally at Nam-oun’s condo. It seems just as likely that she was dead before she arrived.

So far, Belle’s cause of death is heart attack, but it will take up to two weeks for an autopsy. Police say they do not have enough evidence to arrest Nam-oun.