Thailand 24 hour alcohol ban set for Sunday

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In recognition of “Wan Org Pansa”, the Thai government has called for a 24 hour ban of alcohol throughout the country. The ban begins at midnight on Saturday, October 12th and lasts until midnight of October 13th.

The ban affects alcohol sales in restaurants, bars, and convenience stores, so feel free to stock up on Saturday night. 

Wan Org Pansa marks the conclusion of “Pansa”, or Buddhist Lent. Pansa is a three month period of time in which monks gather in monasteries and participate in intensive meditation. Practicing Buddhists make donations of food and robes around this time. 

October 13th also coincides with the anniversary of King Bhumibol’s death. There will be ceremonies held in remembrance of the late king throughout the country.