Thailand Closed To Foreigners

Thailand Closed To Foreigners

Thailand has closed its doors to all foreigners in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19.

On Wednesday the Thai Prime Minister announced a state of emergency, this will start from today the 26th of March through to April the 30th.

There is no curfew in place as of yet.

Graphic Cr Bangkok Post

Thailand’s armed forces have set up checkpoints around Bangkok to check to screen people, who they will do this is yet to know.

The following roads are as follows:

1. Bang Na-Trat Road 

2. Chaeng Watthana Road 

3. Ratchaphruek Road 

4. Suwinthawong Road 

5. Sukhaphiban 2 Road 

6. Suksawat Road 

7. Rama 2 Road