Thailand First Place In The Worlds Death Rate On The Roads

Well what can you say?

Its a World Record and an Olympic Gold Medal, but really not something to be proud off at all.

When the truth of the matter is, it effects almost half of Thai families every year, so why the carnage?

The major change is the more accurate reporting of facts and incidents, but still does no take into
account of related deaths away from the accident scene, either in hospital or some time after. The
figures also don suggest the actual quality of life affected, many of the survivors will not be able to work
and could adversely affect their income.

So in truth these figures are nothing new, its been this way for number of years now, so are Thai people
in general going to be able to adjust and show not just the world but themselves that they can make
improvements?. Being quite honest about it, the numbers only tell half the story, its going to affect tourism
as who in their right mind wants to visit a place where using the roads is a marked risk on health? People come on holiday
to spend their money (except Chinese $1 tours) enjoy themselves and then go back home healthy
and singing the praises of where they went.

Thailand is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons! You really don’t think this will affect tourism, well lets look at
the most obvious down side for your prospective tourist, he/she has to get insurance when they travel, only the dim
witted backpacker thinks they can get away without it, and this is often the biggest risk group to face road traffic
accidents, they are the ones who will use public transport, busses, minibuses, taxis and hire motorbikes, because its cheap
and so they take a big hike in risk factors. We all see it every year, some poor soul was in the wrong place at the wrong time and out
come the begging letters to help fund their hospital bills or have them returned home….sure it might tug on the
heart strings, but why did they not get insurance?… and now its all gone wrong expect and hope others will bail them out!

You better well heeled tourist will look at these figures and think… to risky. The more wealthy a person the less likely
they are going to take risks or put their loved ones in a position where these risks are increased. You going to lose
your top end customer. Insurance costs are a major factor on making holiday decisions, there is already a barrier due to
the poor exchange rates. The Thai baht is well over valued as it is, so now we have extra insurance costs, and they will
not be small increases. Everyone has to use the roads, from the moment they land at Swampy Airport they take to the
roads to get where they need to be, then when they are there at the resort, its a daily chicken run with the roads…. not a great
start to any holiday.

We see the blame being put on the government and police, and well lets be honest both are not very good at getting the message
across about safety. When your driving test is at such a low level, and many don’t even bother with a test or insurance and will
ride / drive anything with a wheel and a motor, your asking for problems and do Thai’s care? No they don’t

We see the excuse and yes its an excuse of believing its fate to have an accident…Really? where do you start with this sort
of thinking? It is not even irresponsible or stupid its way beyond that, even a monkey makes provisions for its own safety, it knows doing something
crazy or stupid its going to get hurt so does not do it… so really why is it so difficult for some Thai people to understand that?
We have to face the truth there are some people who should not be allowed to drive until their attitude changes.

Accidents are mostly a combinations of smaller events, maybe just one of those is not enough to kill you, but add them
all up and your days are numbered. Driving like an idiot at speed weaving in and out like a Mario Cart computer game is fun
on tv as when you crash as you are going to do at some point, you just start again, real life is not like that,. if you crash its very
unlikely you will not get another chance, then we come to the fact of driving with a phone, or drinking or drugs or not using lights,
poor condition of the vehicle or even, tailgating ….. slow to learn or just the inability to understand that these things with wheels
and engines, are just as dangerous as a gun or a bomb.

The solution is not totally down to better policing, or even government informed regulations or better roads, the biggest impact
is Thai people’s thinking, carry on the way you are and at some point either you or a loved one are not going to be around
much longer and then how are your family going to cope? If you can’t improve your driving skills or ability and if you don’t want
to learn then don’t dive or ride you are that accident waiting to happen.

Thai people are amongst the most friendly and likeable people in the world, but give them a key to a car or bike and many
act like someone who is really sub-human, they lose all conception of their culture and become the terrorists of the road.
Time to own up and grow up, accept responsibility your driving skills and ability needs to improve, these figures are a warning sign
if we ignore waring signs to often there is only one out come.

learn patience and what it means…. it will save your life and be more important to your survival than any amulet you can buy.

Good luck, lets all make 2018 a safe place on Thailand’s roads

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