The Sweet Three Vol. 2 – This Week’s Sweet Three.

The Sweet Three Vol. 2

A prestigious Christian high school cancels classes because of a protest. (August 27th, 2019)

Bangkok Christian College, a prestigious boy’s school, cancelled classes after two popular school administrators were removed from their positions. 

The school is owned and operated by the Church of Christ in Thailand. The controversy relates to a recent decision by the church to purchase property in Bueng Kan. Then chief executive Charn Chotinantaset negotiated a 70 million baht deal that was approved by the Church of Christ. 

Charn moved from his chief executive position in the school to a new position in the church. His replacement accused two other school officials, school director Suphakit Jiklong sub and manager Watcharapong Apinyanurungsr, of mismanaging the deal without specifying any details. The church put the new chief executive in charge of the internal investigation, and the two men were fired. 

Parents and alumni were infuriated and took to the streets to protest. Many started a hashtag to support their cause, “#SaveBCC”.

Photo: Hikaru Siwakorn from Facebook

Urine drinking ‘health guru’ nurse medicates students, government health department responds. (August 27th, 2019)

The internet is not the best place to go for medical advice, and yet a Facebook group on the topic of using urine for health benefits has amassed ten thousand followers. Members of the group share their philosophies, techniques, and recipes regarding urine as a “miracle cure” for everything from acne to arthritis. 

One member of the Facebook group recently revealed that she had been providing a tincture of herbs and urine to children at her school who complained of stomach pains. She claimed that her special tincture resolved their problems within the hour. 

Once this story made primetime news, government health officials were quick to release statements regarding the dangers of consuming urine for health purposes. 

Supreme court upholds conviction for Koh Tao murder suspects, lawyers seek royal pardon. (August 30th, 2019)

The Thai Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of two Burmese men for the 2014 murder of two British tourists on Koh Tao. The Supreme Court has reminded the public that any criticism of the Supreme Court can be punishable by law.

The defense team plans to get royal pardons for the suspects.

Photo: The Thaiger

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