The Sweet Three Vol. 3 – Missing activist’s remains found, AIS recycles e-waste, and major Thai retailers announce ban on plastic bags.

The Sweet Three Vol. 3

Bones of missing Karen activist found in burned oil drum. (September 3rd, 2019)

The Department of Special Investigation has confirmed that the human remains found in a 200-liter oil drum in Kaeng Krachan National Park belonged to a missing activist of the Karen tribe, Billy Rakchongcharoen.

Porlachee “Billy” Rakchongcharoen was a land-rights activist who went missing back in April 2014. Billy was helping the Karen ethnic community protest the forceful eviction from their lands in Kaeng Krachan National Park. He was arrested in the park under questionable circumstances and was never seen again. Billy’s case is interesting because it highlights Thailand’s lack of “enforced disappearance” statutes. 

Investigators claim that Billy’s skull was broken and his body was stuffed in an oil drum and burned. It’s unclear whether or not he was tortured before his death.

Photo: Coconuts / Pinnapha Phrueksapan

AIS phone shops help recycle e-waste. (September 5th, 2019)

All of that old, useless tech that you have collecting dust in your “other” drawer can now find a new home at your nearest AIS shop. The popular mobile phone operator service started the campaign “Throw Away E-waste with AIS” (catchy) in an effort to increase awareness of waste management. 

All e-waste including phones, power banks, and cable cords can be deposited in special e-waste boxes located at all AIS branches in Bangkok. The donated items will be stripped of their precious metals and the waste will be processed in Singapore. 

Photo: Kaosod

Major Thai retailers plan to ban plastic bags in early 2020. (September 7th, 2019)

Large retailers have been working together with the Thai government to reduce the use of plastic bags. The environment minister, Varawut Silpa-archa, announced that a few big names will stop giving out single use plastic bags by January 2020. Some of these retailers include Central Group, Siam Makro, Robinsons, and CP All (7Eleven). 

The environment minister acknowledges that this ban should have happened a while ago, but better late than never. 

Photo: BBC

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