The Sweet Three Vol. 4 – Soda tax, plastic fish, and long BTS queues.

The Sweet Three Vol. 4

Thailand raises taxes on sugary drinks. (September 10th, 2019)

Beverage producers will pay up to 5 THB more in tax per liter of sugary drinks starting in October. The tax hike is the result of a two year old bill which plans to increase taxes on sugary drinks every two years. 

The tax applies to the cost of production, so it’s unclear how much the actual price of drinks will be affected. 

Fish from Thailand’s southern waters found to contain microplastics. (September 11th, 2019)

Biologists studying the effects of plastic on the environment have discovered alarming amounts of microplastics in marine life. Mackerel in the Trang province of Thailand has been reported to contain 78 different microplastics per fish, including glitter and other fibers. Fish in the area are commonly bought and consumed at local markets. 

Photo: Marine National Park Operation Center Trang 3 / Facebook

Faulty BTS trains cause huge queues. (September 12th, 2019)

An unspecified fault in the BTS between Bearing and Samrong cause huge delays for morning commuters. Queues at BTS On Nut stretched all the way down to street level. Security within the stations blocked commuters from stairs and escalators inside the station to avoid overcrowding on the platforms.

Photo: Coconuts