The Week That Was

A look back on the news that was from last week, the best and worst of what Thai media and blogs have to offer.

#HakeemSaved: World welcomes Refugee Footballer back home to Australia (VIDEO)

Most of the media giants reported on the release of Refugee footballer back home in his adopted country of Austria, with the good news of citizenship to be granted very soon.

Pheu Thai holds first Bangkok rally

The Pheu Thai party were the first party to hold a large rally within the capital last week, thousands gathered for a day of speeches that passed without any trouble.


522 were picked up in another crack down from immigration, as illegal stays from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, India and Bangladesh were top of the pops in this weeks pick up.

Proposal to ban alcohol sales on Songkran day, April 13

Good luck with this one, as another off the wall idea that will possibly see a ban on all alcohol sales on April 13th.

Your guide to Tinderspeak—Bangkok Edition

A guide to Tinderspeak did the rounds as Valentines day approached, a great guide on how to communicate in the world of Tinder.


A guide from ItsBetterInThailand on the island of Koh Ha, that is a beautiful spot for snorkeling and diving.

In Bangkok MBK Center was the best fake shopping mall you could find… but not anymore! We also vlog Siam Paragon

Buying fake phones seems to be a bit of a daft idea, but here is a video on it.

How to spend 24 hours in Bangkok, I am sure you need a bit longer than that but this is one persons thoughts and video.