What Bangkok Used To Be Like

Expats here in Thailand are a moaning bunch of sad sacks, okay okay my mates call me moaning mango but come on people lighten up it’s all tongue in cheek.

All I hear is Bangkok is expensive, beer is more expensive than back home, ladies charge too much, Taxi’s are scamming us and the place has gone down hill, too many Chinese tourists…moan moan moan.

S**t happens, it’s called inflation and economics and of course, prices go up and salaries normally go up ( unless your a Teacher), but the property is way cheaper than say London, taxies are much cheaper than New York ( and their cabbies are just as rude), beer is much of a muchness as most of the moaners drink in bar’s that would be expensive back home with air-con and imported beers.

Now it’s the pollution and I am waiting for people to start saying remember when you could see blue skies in Bangkok? Nah me neither.

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