Black market adoption service uncovered on Facebook

A popular Thai Facebook page shared a startling post which detailed black market surrogacy and adoption services. 

ดอกจิก V.10 posted screenshots from a group called “Adopt from undecided moms”. The screenshot shows a picture of a newborn child in a post that solicits prospective child sponsors. The post specifies that the woman must not already be pregnant. There are several comments underneath the post from women asking to be contacted through their inbox. 

Another post shows a conversation involving a woman who claims to be 3-4 months pregnant. She says she has had no prenatal care, and that her pregnancy was unplanned. She notes that she is too afraid to undergo an abortion because it is a sin. She asks for help in finding sponsors, and the page says they will contact her back. The page shares pictures like this as proof of their services. 

One screenshot shows a post from a different but similar page. This post says that 4-5 children are needed and notes that the mother must be between 20 and 34 years old. The price is 400,000 baht, with an extra 70,000 to 80,000 possible if there are twins. Payments are made during certain milestones of pregnancy. The surrogate mother will receive 5,500 baht during her insemination. 15,000 will be paid after a heartbeat is found. The mother will receive 15,000 per month during the pregnancy. 

There’s no question that the activities on this page can be considered human trafficking. Real adoption and surrogacy agencies incorporate background checks and legally binding paperwork that protects everyone involved.