Everything you need to know about 7 Eleven stamps

Everything you need to know about 7 Eleven stamps

From July 24th to November 23rd, you can expect to see a familiar promotion at your local 7 Elevens. The limited edition 7 Eleven stamp promo is common in Asian countries, and it has returned to Thailand. If you’re reading this, you are probably holding a blue, paper booklet and wondering what’s going on. This article should tell you everything you need to know about the stamp game.

What are stamps?

The Doraemon themed stamps you’ll be receiving with your 7 Eleven purchases are collectable stickers that can be redeemed like cash. You get a one baht stamp for every 50 baht you spend. You get three baht stamps when you purchase special promo items (usually there’s a sign on the window of 7 Eleven showing all of the promotions). The stamps can be exchanged like real money, or you can save them up for special Doraemon themed toys. There’s also the option to donate the stamps to charity.

Note that you do not receive stamps for any alcohol or tobacco related purchases, and you cannot spend stamps on alcohol or tobacco products. Also, you cannot receive stamps or use stamps for fuel purchases at 7 Eleven locations with fuel stations.

What is the booklet for?

The baby blue booklet with Doraemon on the cover is a convenient way for you to save your stamps. Be careful though, you should note that one side of the booklet holds your one baht stamps, and the other side holds the 3 baht stamps. Use the booklet to keep track of how many stamps you have. You can get a new booklet for free any time you need one.

What if I don’t want stamps?

There is no avoiding stamps for the next few months, but if you resent manipulative marketing tactics, there are a few ways you can fight the system.

As mentioned before, you can donate your stamps to charity. In every 7 Eleven you can see a poster that looks like an advent calendar hanging on the wall, probably by the entrance. It should have a tiled pattern similar to the Doraemon booklets. You can peel your stamps and place them on the calendar and the baht value of the stamps will be donated to the specified charity.

If you’re a teacher, your collection of stamps might be a fun way to incentivize students to participate in the classroom. Kids love collecting the colorful little stamps, so rewarding them with the stamps should be an effective way to improve class participation. 

A more counter culture alternative would be to use the sticker stamps as decorations on your electronics. When you calculate the value of each stamp at 50 baht per stamp, covering your phone case in Doraemon stickers is a pretty loud statement. 

To be honest, if you really hate capitalism and predatory marketing practices, it’s probably best to actually spend the stamps on more products at 7 Eleven. A majority of stamp collectors will be so preoccupied with saving up for worthless Doraemon themed junk that they’ll never have a chance to use the stamps by the time the promotion ends. By spending the stamps like cash, you’re actually taking money out of the corporation’s pockets. Speaking of Doraemon themed junk…

Is it worth saving up for a Doraemon themed lunch box?

The lunch box in question costs 94 stamps. Assuming all of your stamps are from the standard one baht stamp for 50 baht in purchases, the lunch box would cost you 4,700 baht. Yes I know, that figure includes all of the items you’ve purchased to accumulate the stamps. However, that 94 baht worth of stamps could get you nine large packs of Dewberry strawberry cookies which are possibly way less toxic for you than the Chinese plastic that makes the Doraemon lunchbox. 

Do you have any funny anecdotes about 7 Eleven stamps?

In the past, songtaew drivers have been known to accept stamps as payment. It’s uncertain whether or not this year’s Doraemon theme will be as desirable as past themes (Disney, Rilakuma, and Sanrio themes were popular in the past). I tried to pay with stamps at an airport Burger King once as a joke, and the cashier stared blankly at me in confusion and concern. It wasn’t funny for either of us. 

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pictures of someone’s motorbike covered in stamps… or maybe that was my buddy Ryan. Either way, that’s a cool way to use them.