Over Packed Bus Forces Students to Sit in Aisle

A recent story from the Thailandreport News facebook page details an unusually uncomfortable bus ride.

The page reports that 11 students from Khon Kaen university boarded a bus to Khon Kaen at a Nakhon Ratchasima bus station after the driver allegedly told them that there were seats available. Once the students were on the bus and it was clear that all of the seats were already full, the driver closed the door and started his route.

The students were left with no choice but to sit in the aisle and stairway as the driver continued to pick up more and more passengers.

Comments on the Facebook post express disappointment at the conditions of the bus. Some commenters joke that standing room only busses are commonplace throughout the country.

According to Thai law, busses can only hold as many passengers as there are seats on the bus. Some drivers may attempt to break this law in an effort to make more money with more passengers.

The page reminds readers that if they ever have issues with a bus, they should call the Department of Land Transport at 1584. Some comments also suggest calling within earshot of the driver, as well as taking pictures of his ID and the bus’s license plate.