The 7-Eleven Diet: A Guide to Eating Conveniently

The 7-Eleven Diet: A Guide to Eating Conveniently

7-Eleven is an institution in Thailand. Every farang who returns to his home country has at least one anecdote relating to the popular convenience store. It is a meeting place, a landmark, and an oasis during traumatic nights of Bangkok debauchery. One thing that differentiates Thai 7-Elevens from their Western counterparts is the variety and quality of microwavable foods on display.

If you’ve just moved to Thailand, chances are you’ll be getting 70% of your calories from one of its 8,000+ locations. You can stay on top of your budget and health by planning your meals. This guide will help you maintain your beach body while also allowing you to enjoy the food you’re eating. Who says eating healthy can’t be delicious?

Please note, this is not health advice. Consult a nutritionist or fitness app before following this diet.

The 7-Eleven Diet is based on the traditional food pyramid with no attention given to portion sizes. This diet purports to contain all of the necessary food groups: protein, vegetables, carbs, dairy, and fruit.


Chicken Steak Burger

Whether you’re a gym rat or a cardio bunny, you know the importance of eating a lean, white meat. 7-Eleven has you covered with this seasoned, satisfying, filling sandwich that tastes just as good as it looks. If you’re concerned about carbs, throw that white bread away and tear apart at the sweet and savory chicken steak that’s still steaming in its plastic wrapper. There’s another, “healthier”, chicken steak option, but dear God it’s absolutely awful. If you’re going to eat a processed lump of microwaved chicken meat, you might as well enjoy the taste.


Frozen Edamames

Face it, you’re not eating enough vegetables. Every health related article (headline) I’ve read insists that green vegetables are important to a healthy lifestyle. You’re getting fiber, vitamins, and when you order these bad boys you’re also getting a teppanyaki style performance as your 7-Eleven cashier breaks out special utensils to steam your fuzzy soy beans to life (not a euphemism). The process to heat these things up is so tedious that you might consider preparing them back in your room if you want to stay on the good side of your favorite 7-Eleven employee.


Pineapple Filled Pie

So, there might be a little crossover here with carbs and fruit, but stay with me. At some point during your long, hot, humid work day in Thailand, you’re going to need a quick burst of simple carbs to push you through the finish line. These sumptuous pies not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but if you love bread as much as me you’ll love the dense, chewy crust that characterizes this treat.

Honestly, I think the old recipe was better, but what are you going to do? Also, am I the only one who misses the baked McDonald’s apple pies from the States? These deep fried ones make a bigger mess than Nature Valley granola bars.


Bio: Duo Probiotic Yogurt

If you don’t listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, then you might not know as much about probiotics as I do. Let me catch you up; gut health is essential to virtually every aspect of your life. Your stress, energy, mood, not to mention your bowel movements rely exclusively on having the right germs in your belly. You can supplement your gut health with fermented foods like kimchi, but my favorite option is lightly sweetened yogurt.

I used to get some other Greek style yogurt from Big C, but I am pretty addicted to sugar so I turned to Bio to satiate my cravings. I blame the packaging. The original and coconut flavors are the best.


Birdy Black Coffee

I know, it’s not actually a fruit, but honestly fruit isn’t even that important. It’s mostly sugar, and you don’t have to worry about vitamin C if you’re sticking to the rest of the items on this diet. Also, yes, 7-Eleven does have a variety of fresh fruits available to eat… but you know what? They’re wrapped in plastic! Even the bananas! These Birdy coffee cans are so sturdy that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Birdy company recycled them by refilling them in the factory and soldering the tabs closed. So, in some ways, this canned coffee drink is more sustainable than actual fruit.

Birdy black coffee is, as far as I can tell, the healthiest coffee you can get in a 7-Eleven (excluding the real cafes they have at certain locations). With only 11 grams of sugar, you can have a guilt free coffee for cheap. Also, if you’re sensitive to caffeine then the jitters you get will count as passive exercise.


At some point you might start to feel an overwhelming sense of fatigue and depression, possibly due to the large amounts of sugar and carbs involved in this diet. My suggestion is to chug down a minimum of two liters of 7-Eleven brand water, fall asleep at 5pm, then wake up at 2am feeling completely rejuvenated.

Oh, and um, at some point stop eating all of your meals at a convenience store. It’s not healthy.