Busters – Choices Galore

The choice for fish & chips in the center of Bangkok has certainly grown since Covid appeared, regulars would know that Stumble Inn, The Oasis, Scruffy Murphy’s and Shenanigans have long served up the popular British classic in their respective watering holes.

Next up Busters

Buster’s make fish and chips like they should be made, near on perfect with a great menu.

The rules are simple, we have judged each establishment on the following: Fish/ Chips/ Value for money/ Presentation and Location, each category will be marked out of 3 ( the 3 in mango), so the highest score possible would be 15.

So, let’s get down to business.

Next up we visit Busters.

Busters Fish and Chips

Busters serve up a menu packed full of fish and chip classics which also features pie and chips, deserts and some great extras.

Located in Soi 33/1 just a short walk from Phrom Pong Bts, Busters looks and feels great. A small downstairs seating area is complemented by a good size upstairs area that is perfect for our meal today.

The thing that puts Busters ahead of the rest ( see scores below) is that they serve 4 different kinds of fish, Sea bass, haddock, cod and halibut. All come “ frozen fresh” with the expectation of sea bass that is sourced locally. I was lucky enough to taste all four fish and was amazed at how good they tasted.

So down to the scores and here we go.

Fish Taste 3/3 – The fact they have 4 fish on offer at great prices I could not rate Busters any higher.

Chips Taste 3/3 – Steak cut chips, that have so many options served with them like garlic sauce, mayo and come with mushy peas.

Presentation 2.5/3 – A great looking plate of fish and chips, extras are optional so near enough perfect..

Value for money 3/3 – Great value and great choice, the beer-battered Atlantic haddock for me at 380 baht is money well spent.

Location 3/3 – A short walk from Phrom pong BTS and the bars ex-pat bars around the location makes Busters the perfect location.

Final Score 14.5/15 

For us so far ( sorry about the break from our reviews) Busters is out in front because of their attention to detail and choice, but will firmly state the other eateries are still great choices depending on where you want to eat.

Also Busters menu has some great home comforting desserts, from all my time back home I had never tried a deep fried mars bar, so now was the time. Served with a delicious helping of ice cream I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was, when asking Busters owner David how it does not fall apart, the answer was simple ” it’s all in the temperature of the fryer”.