Time for old chestnuts – Thailand Arguably Has The Worst Death Toll In Any Country Not At War

Lets try and roast this one…. Thailand  arguably has the worst death toll in any country not at war, on the roads. we all look at it time after time, year after year, shake our heads, scratch our balls and wonder why!!

Well…. conclusion, and its not polite or pretty reading and if anyone takes offence, its not a personal insult to anyone, I’m not naming names or individual or businesses. It is a collective responsibility and personal responsibility of us all.

Some may point the finger at the government, to improve quality of roads, signals, design as well as regulations on how to use the roads and what can use them. I would agree it all needs to be improved, its a lazy attitude, I’m sure they try and do their best, but actual figures say its not enough. These figures are on going for year after year not just a single incident.

Everyone loves the Laissez Faire culture that defines Thailand from the rest of the world, it is in essence Thailand and what Thailand is about.. Amazing Thailand, well to be honest it covers a very broad spectrum and the roads… well yes its true.

There has been a marked increase in motorcyclists wearing helmets, and well done it is a very important aspect which in time will make a marked difference. However your not going to change an emerging nation into a First grade one overnight or in a few years, to expect or demand it, is totally unrealistic, development takes time, its a learning curve and other than we all learn at different speeds ,progress ( if we can call it progress, I’m sure many of us feel the world has gone a bit retarded over recent years) takes time.

When you have a situation of 60+ million people with a wide range of wealth and education, there is always going to be a difference. You just can’t compare a well educated Bangkokian who has wealth and education, plus knowledge of worldly travel, to a honest everyday person in the countryside, their lives are as different as chalk and cheese, however you should make road awareness , driver training and skills training the same for all. The current driving test is laughable, not saying that many countries are just the same, but given all the ingredients its not a great help.

Quality of vehicles on the road is as wide as you will see anywhere. It is one of the more interesting aspects of life in Thailand, whilst much of the world has regulated out almost any variety and enjoyment or customising of vehicles, Thailand is living a breathing personal expression, I’m sure there is a buffalo or elephant somewhere with go faster stripes, or a motorbike with ” Carlos Fandango” wheels…. I have to say it is interesting.

Really what is the core problem?….. well its harsh or even brutal… its Thai’s themselves… their attitude to driving is the core problem. Things will only improve when Thai’s attitude changes. I’m not saying either at all us foreigners are great drivers either, there are plenty of us that should not be behind a wheel of a car or on a bike too. However to view a comparison … India has over a 1.3 billion people, its roads are worse, the variety on the road is as diverse as Thailand, but the death rate is much lower…. every driven around Mumbai or Delhi?…. I have its not for those with a weak heart, its even worse than chaos, however despite the constant noise the attitude is better on the roads… sure I think there are more heart attack related road deaths but actual numbers are lower.

Almost all drivers are guilty of driving around in their own little bubble, feeling invincible , that is the same everywhere … many of us farangs say Thai’s are generally operating in their own little bubble all the time regardless driving or not. I’d not even say the space we feel comfortable with around us ( personal space is to blame) Asians are more comfortable being closer to each other than Westerners. If you ever watch asians and westerners meeting and talking in any place there is always a little dance going on…. the asian moves closer its natural and comfortable for them whilst the westerner backs off, we like extra personal space…. quirky but true !

So Thai people with a sensitive nature… look away now or stop reading. This is not a personal attack on you, it is an attempt and honest, respectful attempt to save lives, well all else has failed so far, why not be just brutally honest about it ? I have many Thai friends and loved ones… I still want to have them for many years.

Buffalo Drivers – weird fact highest numbers are pick-ups, vans, taxi’s, busses and trucks. These are all over the road at inappropriate speed… driving fast does not make you a good driver, driving fast, changing lanes, cutting people up, invading any space, lights flashing, horns honking… says just one thing….. Your brain is stuck on IQ of below 40… you should not be even holding your own spoon and fork to eat with let alone be driving a vehicle. These people are an accident waiting to happen, they are Darwin’s Award Winners pending, sadly to often they take innocent people with them. If Buddha has any compassion to humanity he should revoke the right of their existence to be reborn.

I have always challenged the Darwin Theory of Evolution that stupid people kill themselves more often and quicker than those with a normal IQ level, sadly the theory is flawed, stupid people breed more too… so they naturally replace their numbers! If you encounter this driver get out of the vehicle at once, they have no regard or respect for you at all, If they are behind you, be safe in the knowledge you will live longer than them even if you are 94 and a  priest has given you the last rights. The worst of all drivers.

Tail-Gaters – Those that are so close to your exhaust / tail pipe that they might as well be in your back seat. These Homer Simpson types try bully and pressure you to move over because they are so important they must go first all the time…. This activity should be classed as attempted murder…its beyond stupid…. Fools rush in where angles fear to tread….. any key to any object that can be moved by any means should be with held from them, sit them some where quiet with a lolly pop to suck and a diaper / nappy on.. is the only action they can be responsible for.

Phone – Drivers… A more modern day techno idiot, can be a wiz with technology, have countless imaginary or cyber friends, but have worse attention span than a goldfish who’s high on LSD / Acid / abba  and been on a weekend bender with Oliver Reed…. However clever you might be the human brain can not focus specific attention on a phone and drive at the same time.  Driving at 48 kmh you can move 30 meters by lust looking at your phone, so 90kmh its close to 100 meters… just walk that distance and see how much you fail to see!!! You should be barred form having a phone, because you can not use it safely.

Space invaders – No not the 1980’s arcade game its those idiots that love to jump ahead into any space. If a mosquito has room to pass a fart, these idiots will try to fill it. They have never heard of safe breaking distance…. well its a calculated distance between 2 vehicles  which allows the following vehicle to safely stop with out hitting the car in front, should an emergency happen, well actually just stop is good enough. The distance increases with speed. These people are know as coffin fillers…. they will jump into your box / coffin…. They don’t have the ability to just distance, which means they all think they have a 12″ cock or vastly exaggerate their bank balance or actually  think their  life is  more important than it really is. The truth is they are sadly lonely people who need to be close to someone as they have no friends.

Another dull fact…. Women are regarded as better drivers than men…. Wow shock horror… well except for parking, just something about a woman and parking correctly it just seems odd or out of place like 2 words never in the same sentence. Insurers of vehicles charge women less than men, because they have less accidents, insurers will screw you for every penny they can using any excuse possible, so if you have meat and two veg… expect to pay more…. Oh ladies.. don’t apply make up or war paint whilst driving… just get up earlier.. its safer and you don’t want to arrive looking like a clown!

Drink drivers and Drug divers – its not worth even talking about them or to them, they have lost the ability to discuss any rational behavior. Remove the key from their hand or vehicle, do not pass Go and go directly to Jail.

Oh what is it with riding the wrong way on the road?… and riding on the pavement?.. Are you scared to use the road correctly, you should have stabilizers fitted to your bike to show everyone what a complete twat you are, you obviously can’t get the basics right… these people have directional inabilities and are best avoided at all times, you don’t even want them as friends, and if you have one in the family disown them…. its for the best really.

So… Thai’s, I’m not bashing you, I’m just pointing out the obvious, you are not alone we all have these drivers in every country, but statistics and facts, plus cold hard truth say the numbers are greater here.  You and I see it everyday…. its a bad thing about your culture, there is no gold medal for arriving at a destination 3 seconds earlier, its not a badge of pride to have caused chaos on the road. You are killing your own people….. You have to change your thinking and attitude… or you are at serious risk of losing loved ones.

A little patience …. that is all is needed.

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