Is It Racist to Criticize Thai Drivers?

Volts has his say on Sean’s brilliant Article Is It Racist to Criticize Thai Drivers?

Other than a good article… one that raises several thoughts and issues. However First is it racist to criticize Thai Drivers?… Actually No not at all… regardless of nationality, origin or species… if someone drives like a complete twat, then they are a twat….what else can you say?. Lets not beat about the bush on issues of being stupid, to see on the videos that make the blogs over here, proof is that the human missing link is alive and kicking and mostly driving a pick up somewhere here in Thailand. Now that is not Thai bashing, you see the same only sorry story in most if not all countries of the world and a twat is a twat in any language or nationality. Just happens that Thailand hold the Olympic gold metal for twat driving.
Many of us have put up ideas, remedies, solutions, assistance and guidelines, but as to say you can talk a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. No I’m not bashing Thai drivers, I will comment now, that I have seen over recent years a big improvement in road courtesy, common sense, patience and better road skill… just there are too many lemmings on the road to see a change in official numbers. We all know the causes… and let’s just be straight and honest about it, nothing is going to change until Thai people want to change…. you can’t rely on a laissez-fair government and police attitude to road safety to make the difference…. most male Thai drivers are more scared of their wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers and sisters than any authority… if you see the videos of Thai ladies when they loose the plot you know why! cont…
Any couple of other item in what was a very good read… wel done again Sean…. One which really tickles me is the… no actually the most utterly stupid comment ever made by anyone here in Thailand… ” If you don’t like it leave”…. Well no shit Sherlock!!! what utter pointless drivel of a statement… mark my words here… its never said by a Thai…. even most most alcoholic, mashed up of person know’s that if you don’t like something you can leave… Its a comment that makes Homer Simpson look like a Einstein award winner.
Anyway back to Thai driving….. Now give a bit of slack…. allow for road conditions, and the much required tinted glass on vehicles, great in the day time… but at night a completely different story… We have an emerging nation and all the things that go with it,… we have massive car numbers and a system that is just not ready for it, along with a driving test that is really not even up to the one my grandfather took in 1920…. Its not just driving its the whole concept of driving and all the facilities that go with it.
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