Wake-boarder Rides Bangkok’s Ancient City and Floating Markets

Watch the incredible German wakeboarder riding the Thai capital’s f;loating markets.. In the “Searching Bangkok” series, Dominik Gührs explores Bangkok’s Ancient City and Floating Markets using only a winch and his wakeboard.


BANGKOK (ABC News) — “What’s so special about it is that I can ride spots which have never been ridden before on a wakeboard.”

He’s the first person to ride through the narrow waterways in Bangkok’s famous floating markets.

The two-time wakeboarding world champion says this challenging landscape has become a playground to test out new tricks and explore a new culture.

Dominik Guhrs moved to Thailand to train during Germany’s cold winters but has found a home amongst the water taxis and ancient temples.

“To ride in a location like this, in the floating market, is a dream come true.”