Exploring the backstreets of Phra Khanong

Phra Khanong is one of the most desirable spots for western people to stay in Bangkok, the area is full of great places to eat.

But take a look behind The W District, all the fancy places to eat and expats on show, and you have a thriving Thai community, full of character and fascinating people.

A man made island that sits on the left hand side as you come across the bridge from Onnut to Phra Khanong


                                                                      Monday evening haircut


Forget Big C,these are the places a lot of locals will be found shopping

View from the steps above the outdoor market that runs alongside the bridge

The Sky Walk Condo that sits above the W District

The place is full of stalls that sell anything from makeup to mobile phones

Locals still live in metal clad huts by the side of the Khlongs

My kind of food shop away from all the fancy restaurants and bars

Look deeper into the communities of Bangkok and you will be surprised at what you can find, a sense of community and some fascinating down to earth people.

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