Thanksgiving Celebration at The Kiwi Pub

This Thanksgiving Day, November 28, The Kiwi Sport Pub “Home of Rugby” offers a traditional 3 course menu for just 549 B. along with our famously warm and friendly environment. This special offer is available for lunch and dinner from noon until 10:00 PM.

Creating this festive menu just for this special day, our chef has prepared the following tasty options:


Creamy Carrot Soup with a freshly baked soft bread roll

Main (select one)

Juicy oven-roasted turkey

Roasted sweet potato

Homemade Mashed Potato

Grilled pigs-in-blankets

Roasted Cauliflower cheese slices

Cauliflower, Broccoli & Sweet Carrot with fresh cranberry sauce


Pumpkin pie with your choice of ice cream or whipped Cream